Mauchline Parish Church

History and Background

The present church was opened for public worship in August 1829.
It stands on the site of St Michael's Church which dates back to the thirteenth century and which was granted parochial status by the Bishop of Glasgow in 1315.
St Michael's Parish Church stood on land belonging to Melrose Abbey and in those days the parish comprised the present parishes of Mauchline, Sorn and Muirkirk.
Protestantism,in Mauchline, was greatly aided by visits to the parish by two of the Reformation's most influential figures.
In 1544 George Wishart, finding the doors of the Church barred against him, preached for almost three hours on Mauchline Muir.
Following his return from exile in France and Switzerland in 1599, John Knox preached at Kingencleugh.
It was to Robert Campbell of Kingencleugh that Knox entrusted the care of his widow and children.
When the Scottish Parliament adopted the Confession of Faith in 1560 the Reformation was immediately accepted in Mauchline.
St Michael's Church 1315-1827 The former St.Michael's Church taken down in 1827 after being in use for about 630 years.
This was the church Robert Burns knew.
Dismissed by some as "extremely contemptible" others regarded it as a "tabernacle that was beautiful to the eye'.
In the background - Gavin Hamilton's house and Abbot Hunter's tower.
Our church is also an area of special note, for anyone who has an interest in Robert Burns.
Burns lived in Mauchline from March 1784 - November 1786, and in that time made many friends, and wrote some of his most famous poems.

This map of the church kirkyard shows a number of significant relics and grave stones of Burn's time.
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Mauchline Parish Kirkyard