Guild Christmas Bazaar
The Guild Christmas Bazaar was a great success and very well attended, as is shown in the photographs.
To date the sum of 905 has been raised, but there is still more money coming in, which is a magnificent total .
You can't tell from the photos, but outside there was frost on the roads and pavements, and the wind was freezing,
but that didn't seem to put people off.
It was nice and warm inside, and after a quiet start it soon busied up and by 11:00 am it was going like a fair
(or should I say a bazaar).
The Guild are to be congratulated, and they must have been run off their feet, so doubtless they will be
recovering this afternoon.
As well as the items for sale, there were also goodies for eating, which were absolutely delicious.
I felt duty bound to sample some of the wares, and you will also be able to see them for yourselves if you were
unable to manage this year.
Be sure to come to next year's bazaar and sample all the delights for yourself!.